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Your frame will be beautifully handmade, durable and, above all, it will compliment not only the artwork, but also the space in which it is to hang.


We use a sustainably sourced hardwood which is tightly grained, so ideal for lacquering. The wood comes to us as a raw unfinished moulding. 
Once the frame has been prepared, we use a durable high performance lacquer for a flawless sprayed finish. 
You can select the top coat to be matte, satin, gloss or a high shine.

Choose from our extensive range of colours, or we can have lacquer custom-mixed to perfectly work with your colour scheme.

Lacquers can be combined with Gilding, Silvering and Veneering to achieve your desired style.

Stains and Waxes

You can choose from an array of solid wood profiles, we use; Oak, Ash, Walnut and Maple for natural plain waxes, these can also be stained or limed to coordinate with surrounding furniture and interior features.

Gilding and Silvering

For gilding we use only the highest-grade materials: Dutch metal, real silver leaf, 23 ½ carat Gold, 21 carat Gold, 12 carat Gold and 6 carat Gold. Giving us a stunning choice of Gold, Rose Gold into Champagne and White Gold.
We employ a traditional water gilding technique, which involves floating the leaf on the surface of a bole (on a layer of clay).
The bole can be manipulated to make the leaf reflect other colours (gold with red, silver with blue, etc) in accordance with your wishes.

If using 23 ½ carat Gold, the bole supplies a flexible surface that allows for polishing the gold with an agate burnisher, thereby obtaining a brilliant and very smooth effect. 
This technique of gilding requires a significant level of expertise.


Hand-laid veneers have been used over centuries by high class framers, and work beautifully with classical works, such as botanical prints or architectural drawings.

We use highly figured veneers, particularly favouring Burr Oak & Burr Walnut, to give the distinctly decorative effect.

These can be combined with hand-gilded slips, and can equally laid against lacquers to produce a more contemporary look.


Mirrors can be made to order up to 8ft x 4ft (glass size), either flat or bevelled. 
We use 4mm as standard, or 6mm for a wider and more generous 1 ½ inch bevel, these depths of glass give a true, undistorted reflection.

Mirrors can be framed using our full range of mouldings and finishes, perfectly tailored to your interior.
They're a wonderful asset in interiors, bringing light and reflection to maximise the sense of space. 


We use a high quality 2mm Pilkington picture framing glass as standard, which filters 40% of harmful UV rays.

For original artwork or anything that's going to be vulnerable to light damage, which can yellow paper, fade colour and detail, we highly recommend a 'WaterWhite', low Iron, anti reflective specialist framing glass which comes in a range of 3 varying degrees of UV protective, 70%, 92% and 99%.
All of these have the same level of brilliant clarity.


We use conservation grade mount board as standard, this comes in a wide spectrum of colours.
We also offer 100% Cotton rag museum grade mount board in 4 ply & 8 ply thickness.
All backings are archival grade.

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