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Rosier Perfume

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We're thrilled to now be stocking this beautiful collection of perfumes from fellow local business, Nancy Meiland Parfums.

'A contemporary twist on the rose scent composed of fine Bulgarian rose, pink pepper for the thorns and green galbanum for the leaves

Notes of Italian bergamot, tangerine and blackcurrant top ROSIER, denoting the moment a water droplet forms on a petal. A contemporary twist on the traditional rose scent, this is a soliflore, in which the whole flower is represented. Pink pepper acts for the thorns, while green galbanum is the leaves. Rose geranium, white pear, jasmine, peony, and violet are delicately strung together for the bud, and the endnotes evoke the image of a broken beaded necklace as the scent spreads beautifully on the skin. It is a landing both soft and reassuring, of buttery mimosa, tobacco, hay, and angelica seeds.'