Red Sky By Barbara Rae

Barbara Rae

Red Sky By Barbara Rae
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Barbara Rae's new silkscreens evolve from her last CCA landscape publications to reflect her skill as a purely abstract artist.
They reveal her skill at manipulating form and colour, and re-affirm her incredible gift as a colourist.
Though both pieces: Quarry Edge and Red Sky are inspired by specific features in the landscape, Rae uses them merely as departure points for a flight of colour and sweeping primordial shapes.
Rae uses soft washes of bold colour, merging form, line and hue delicately into each other. She contrasts this gentle handling with dynamic composition; breaking up the picture surface with thrusting vertical and horizontal lines.
The works vibrate with a pervasive energy, drawing the viewer in to Rae's vision.
Published: 2010
Image Size: 605 mm X 890 mm
Paper Size: 788 mm X 1080 mm
Edition Size: 125

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