Habanero Chilli Sauce

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Habanero Chilli Sauce
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Made on the east coast of England. 
Packed full of hot habanero chillies – Mexico’s famously fiery chilli – this is a tasty little spicy sauce to knock your socks off.
The habanero, generally recognised as being one of the hottest chillies, adds an intense heat combined with a fruity citrus-like flavour and a floral aroma, making it the perfect ingredient for this hot sauce.

Spice up your fry-up, make your steak sizzle, or swirl a splash through crème fraiche to make a spicy dip for wedges.
The heat is on!
  Ingredients: Sugar, water, habanero red chillies (18%), Spirit vinegar, Thickener: modified maize starch, onion, sea salt, garlic puree, preservative: sorbic acid.

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