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Églantier Perfume

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'A marine-floral evocation of a Nordic coastal scene, infused with botanicals from the wider area.  The scent invigorates as far as it envelops the wearer, with a strong sense of the wild and sacredly serene

Bracing and enigmatic, ÉGLANTIER is an olfactory impression of a special place in Denmark. Here, two seas perpetually meet in a collision of waves – at times gently, at others with sweeping force – and this Nordic scent is an evocation of their overlapping at sunset, when the tide is out and the sand stretches away with a warm, coral glow. Neroli, crushed ambrette seed, fleur d’oranger, tuberose, jasmine glandiflorum and rosehip swirl together before softening out into cardamom, patchouli, encens, vertiver, sandalwood and vanilla. As does a wave, the notes land on the skin with strength, before unfurling into a lingering response that is uniquely particular to the wearer.'