Common Rue Pack of Seeds

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Rue, also called herb of grace, is an old-fashioned garden plant, but a well-known medicinal and culinary herb used in ancient times throughout the Mediterranean. Both the Greeks and Romans used it to cure countless conditions, as well as in several magic rituals.
During the Middle Ages, it was touted for improving eyesight, overall health and creativity, and as an aphrodisiac.
Rue also has a protective function: Its strong scent (
graveolens is Latin for ‘having a strong smell’) has been known to be effective in repelling snakes, insects – and even evil spirits!
Today, this herb is used in Italian liqueurs, including the famous 
grappa alla ruta.  
Pack contains 120 seeds.
♡ Companion Plants: Mint, basil, lavender, alpine strawberries.

* Standard Open Pollinated Seed, No Hybrid, GMO Free