Carrot Paris Market Pack of Seeds

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The Paris Market carrot, also known as Tonda di Parigi or Marché de Paris, is a round heirloom variety from the 19th century.
This ancient French root vegetable is actually perfect for contemporary needs: it does well where other carrots would struggle – for example in shallow, clay-rich or rocky soil.
Even better, as the carrots grow just 5 cm in diameter, they’re a perfect choice for containers. What these small carrots lack in size, they make up for in flavour – they are deliciously tender, bite-sized, and extra sweet, with very smooth skin.
They are a fantastic market seller and are very popular with kids because of their ping-pong-ball shape.
Pack contains 500 seeds.
♡ Companion Plants: Tomatoes, lettuces, parsley, onions, garlic chives, nasturtium.

* Standard Open Pollinated Seed, No Hybrid, GMO Free