May 21, 2019

The Framing Process Of A 3D Monkey

By Taylor Wilkins
The Framing Process Of A 3D Monkey

This mechanical climbing monkey toy from the 1940s was brought to us to be framed as a surprise gift.

There was lots of different elements to consider when devising how to best display the monkey. The depth, it’s uneven nature, what to do with its long climbing string and flailing arms and legs.

We wanted to choose a frame that was simple and modern, something that would allow the toy to be the main focus. Which is why we opted for this super slick satin white moulding which also addressed the depth issue we had to begin with.

Having a large rebate in the frame (a step-shaped recess cut along the edge of a piece of wood, not to be confused with a tax rebate), meant we could place large spacers inside the frame which sets the toy back within the frame and away from the glass.

Next up, was fastening it down, and taming those arms and legs. Looping small cable ties through the backing board and around the toy’s body held it down securely. Whilst tying it’s arms and feet to the board with fine thread stops any chance of future flailing.

Neatly rolling up its climbing string at the bottom, then assembling it all together in its new frame were the finishing touches. The monkey was ready for its big surprise.

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