January 24, 2018

Hand Gilded White Gold Mirror

By Sophie Rose King
Hand Gilded White Gold Mirror
We are really lucky to have such skilled and talented craftsmen in our workshop.
Stephen does our gilding and practices the traditional method of water gilding, he works with four different leafs of the highest grade.
The different leafs we use start with 6 carat Gold (seen in the film below, with a soft silver-like appearance) 12 carat Gold, 21 carat Gold and 23.5 carat Gold.

In true family business style, we've collaborated with film maker and son of our Directors Jerome King, for a short film showcasing Stephen creating glass mirror with white gold.

This mirror is bespoke and can be made to any size.
We have examples and works using this technique in our Lewes store for you to see.

Please do email us on info@kingsframers.com for all enquiries.

Film by Jerome King
Sound by Albie Edmonds